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Antz pair face the Dragons Den!

On October 24 Worsley Rotarians held a Dragons Den night.

Local charities and good causes were invited to pitch for a share of £4200 that the Rotarians had raised.

Antz pair Dave Chapman and Alan Lingard were in competition with 9 others for a share with a top limit of £500.

The 3 Dragons, from Salford City Council, the N.H.S. and the church (the Bishop of Bolton) were asked to make this a meaningful contest.

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The event attracted an audience of about 50 who gave a lively, friendly welcome to each team.

Dave Chapmans usual enthusiasm for the cause and polished delivery meant that Antz ask for funding for the Nov. 14 event received the best reception of the night, with Dave, for once, finishing fully dressed!

The interval for the judging gave plenty of time for contact making. One audience member, impressed by the Antz story pledged a £140 donation. Others took details and cards flew out in all directions. Meeting so many like minded people was worthwhile in itself.

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The Dragons returned and announced their awards, ranging from £200 to the maximum of £500, Antz were awarded £500, reward for a good product and a good salesman!

Thanks from Antz are due to the Rotarians for their generosity and a very enjoyable evening and to the Dragons for their time and spirited comments.

An excellent nights work all round. Learn More

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