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RBS Skills & Opportunity Fund
RBS Skills & Opportunities

“I have improved my speech and language skills and I am now much more self confident….I feel happier and healthier. I feel energetic. I want to get a job. I want to do something with my life. I’ve wasted six years. I want to start now.”

Project Participant

What has been the biggest success of the project?

The biggest success has been with the Members and the impact in their overall confidence.  Many have been without employment years and have had little structure in their personal life.  They have since become more organised, keep to deadlines and are hence more motivated to find employment.  Building on their own personal skills, such as maintenance or hospitality and are now actively pursuing a career in this area. 

The candidates also understand the importance of working with a major brand such as Marriott, Docutech, Elle R Leisure and carrying on the excellent customer service skills and the importance of brand and the maintaining of quality always.

  • 163 qualifications achieved.
  • 91 people employed.
  • 100% reporting increased confidence.

We believe

Every person should have an opportunity to overcome barriers and achieve his / her fullest potential and contribute fully to their community.

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RBS Skills & Opportunities.

Supporting people from across Greater Manchester on our skills and opportunity programme to increase confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

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