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BT Openreach Work Experience

Testimonials from the BT Openreach Engineers who mentored our members whilst on work experience:

“Anthony was keen to learn the role and was very inquisitive, punctual, hard working and great with customers. In my opinion, I think any company would really benefit from having as part of their team”

“Mohammed was a credit to Antz. Punctual, well behaved with a good work ethic … keen to learn, hands on, polite and courteous to customers … I would recommend him for a post”

James has shown enthusiasm and a willingness to learn what we do. He has constantly been taking notes and is good with customers. He really would make a good engineer”

“I found Hugh to be punctual, smart with an appetite for learning. He has been totally flexible in his approach to work and has always been polite to customers and offering a helping hand when he has been able to. He has the necessary drive and ambition”

“Carl is hardworking and committed. He showed lots of interest and enthusiasm in the role, asking questions and helping out whenever possible. Excellent timekeeping and well mannered.”

Vision Statement

Antz Junction believes that every person should have an opportunity to overcome barriers and achieve his / her fullest potential and contribute fully to their community.


antz network in partnership with greater manchester chamber of commerce

Alternative Route to Employment

Our Bold Work Ready Training Academy supports communities getting back to work. The Junction offers a new life that brings benefits for the wider community, as a whole. For more information on how we can help, contact: daisydixon@antzjunction.com.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is reflected in our choice of partner to direct our responses to the duties we have here at Antz Junction and work alongside us as we formalize and evidence our compliance in this area.

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