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Kick-Start Online Training

A range of free online training events to support individuals who are either long-term unemployed or have been impacted by COVID-19, and their future development.

Programme Headlines

  • 13 online sessions delivered (May-November 2020)
  • 20 hours of online training delivered (May-November 2020)
  • 125 attendees from all over UK (May-November 2020)
  • 5 participants went on to join the Antz Junction Community Hub
  • 5 different subjects covered (see below for 3 of them)

The range of Kick-Start online training events include:

Kick-start Your Career Online Training
Designed and delivered by Antz Junction.
Kick-start Your Health and Wellbeing
Delivered in partnership with Kate Thorpe Therapy & Coaching.
Kick-start Your Social Media for Work
Delivered in partnership with City Folk Digital.
The online delivery team ready for action
A Kick-start online session in progress

Event Feedback:

Feedback from 17 September 2020 Kick-Start Your Career session

What will you remember from today? I have skills that I can use.

What’s been important to you today? Connecting with people again.

What went well today? Very informative and friendly.

What’s been important to you today? Connecting with people in similar situation and knowing there are people out there who can help.

What went well today? Event was prepared very well. Slides had all informations. If I was lost (my twins disturbed me few times) then I could come back quickly and found the point where team were.

What will you remember from today? Just to concentrate on the job I want to do.

What’s been important to you today? There is plenty of help out there.

What’s been important to you today? Contact with people who want to help me back into work.

Who/what did you connect with today? The importance of the hidden job market.

What went well today? The positive feedback of tutors. The course helped me to prioritize what is important for me to consider in my job search. What do I expect, want out of a job.

What’s been important to you today? The whole session was very informative and motivational.

What went well today? The event provided invaluable advice and good tips regarding seeking employment.

What will you remember from today? The high quality advice given.

What’s been important to you today? The importance of conducting oneself at an interview.

What will you remember from today? Being out of work for ten months your chat has given me hope and not to give up.

Kick-start Online Participants

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Distributing digital communication to people directly and via NGO’s who have no access to online facilities and are at significant risk of mental health issues and re-offending. We will also support connectivity through further training and support.

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